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You better be gettin' the fuck up
Best believe i'ma rip it the fuck up
If you got any beef, with me or my team,
then you better be shuttin' the fuck up!
Orikal Uno, is doper than you know
Leavin' you broke with no hope and a "who knows"
Flowin' crucial, make you move when I do shows
Fuckin' up everything when I go loco
Fuck stayin' local, I'd rather go global
Not settlin, set the game in a choke hold
Better than veterans peddlin "so old"
Ladies and gentlemen, I am just so dope!
Oh no! I'm bout to explode!
I shine bright like a mountain of gold!
Frost like a toe walkin' out in the snow
Leave it all rocked every spot that I go!

I am an alien, come climb aboard my hovercrapht
I'm down to (ha) but ain't got time for all that other crap
I gots a style, that no human being could ever match
Chill with your alien and climb aboard my hovercrapht

You better be gettin' the fuck up!
Grab a swisher and split it the fuck up!
Roll it up and throw that blunt up
All my Twin Cities cats know what's up!
Thunderin' loudly, up in the lobbies
Hailin' a cab gettin' drunk in it prolly
Somethin' like crunk throwin' up in the allies
Up in the cities, up in the valleys
Heavy with weaponry, jeopordy ho!
Talkin' a lot but won't step to me though
Snap off the raps and the melodies yo!
Legitimate, makin' that felony dough
Discreet on my feet when I crept through the door
Determined on bein' the best with the flow
Perfectin' perfection perpetually
Eventually, eventually...



from It Is What It Is (full album), released December 18, 2012


all rights reserved



Orikal Uno Minneapolis, Minnesota

sin cities | 3.17.23

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