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Gimme, What You Got?

from It Is What It Is (full album) by Orikal Uno



"Gimme, What U Got?"
Written by Antonio Rosario
Performed by Orikal Uno

I guess I'll start it by me sayin i'm the dopest wit it
all y'all punk ass wack emcees are just so hopeless with it
married to the style progression, wreckless and overcomitted
splittin' atoms daily, crazy deranged grade of soldier in this
Uh, Superglue holdin' together what I know is true
If I wanted advice, what makes you think i'd go to you?
Smell the foldgers boo, what makes you think that I would go with you?
Never trust my heart with any chick who can't hold a clue
Ew, Who the fuck am I becoming on my off days?
Suddenly disruptively destructing with my wrong ways
long gaze, short fuse, mackin' in my court suit
work days, and long nights, then spend time, to sort loot
I'm just a sorta kinda young brown male born in Saint Paul
Trained in the way of stackin' cake and ways to break laws
lasabre status, cruisin' 94 with racing tactics
ain't afraid to say that I'm the greatest at this, play it back bitch

Gimme gimme what you got
(gimme what you got)
Gimme gimme what you got
(gimme what you got)
Gimme gimme what you got
kickin' up my rhythm up another notch
put your hands up like you're gettin' robbed
Yo you better gimme gimme what you got

Gimme gimme what you got
Spittin' ammunition when i'm in the spot
sippin' on a little bit of liquor when i'm out
fuckin' up a stage, when I make em all shout
clown, any motherfucka that be steppin' to me
tryin' to act silly, i'm like "really?"
Fuck this rap shit, i'ma turn hillbilly
tuned to KQ, burnin' herb by the lillies
I'm worth a million bucks, maybe a billion soooonnnnn,
feel like a million bucks, only got like fifty one
unsung hero of a never trekked quest
underground, in the sewers, never felt so fresh
gimme gimme gimme dollars
dopest brains gettin bomb ass scholar
flow, get paid, stayin' up all night
sippin' champagne under morning light
chill as the breeze, that I feel in the streets
In the S to the T, dot, capital P
I'm an M to the C, paintin' graff with the steez
dottin' my I's and connectin' my E's (or ease. double entundra)

I'm worth a trillion bucks.
Graff Roots Media


from It Is What It Is (full album), released December 18, 2012


all rights reserved



Orikal Uno Minneapolis, Minnesota

sin cities | 3.17.23

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