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E Go Trip (F/ DisputeOne & DJ Ganzobean)

from It Is What It Is (full album) by Orikal Uno



Dispute One (formerly known as Extreme) is a veteran MC from the Twin Cities. He used to roll with the Headshots crew before linking up with Interlock and Dialogue Elevators.

DJ Ganzobean is an up-and-coming producer and DJ from St. Paul, MN. He rolls with Horned Heart as Sab the Artist's touring DJ.


(VERSE ONE: Dispute One)

Sounds overrated, and it's so out dated
With an ego so big, that he can't escape it
Ain't no need to debate it when it's bigger than life
So lights, camera, action, where are the mics?
Where are the people? Where is everything that he spoke on?
Hangin' with a scapegoat, you put all your hopes on
Bangin' like a drumline, gamblin on crunch time
3 strikes like one-time, your life, you can't rewind
Egotistical with lack of vision
Leaves a shallow individual with nothin' but a pot to piss in
I meant everything when you chose not to listen
And i'll do everything short of prison to keep the mission
Ego-free, that's how we live
That's how we rep the Twins, use it as a bridge
That's OnePlusOne, Ego-free livin'
and the only trip we make is on tour bein' driven

Naw, I don't trip, naw, he don't trip,
naw, we don't trip,
E Go Trip (x4)

(VERSE TWO: Orikal Uno)
Heavy feet, cranium rapidly growin'
Meltin' ice within the wind chill when I'm chillin' and it's snowin'
Bragadocious... Atrociously magnificent
Got them throwin' hands up while I'm buzzed and feelin' hella lit
You can't question it, like Einstein intelligence
My stein, changes reality to irrelevance
Jumpin' the fence again to paint another overpass
Lettin' a sentence win when layin' out the dopest raps
You think you're polar caps, swimmin in the coldest laps
But really you're a silly muthafucker from a culdesac
Steamed phillies, swisher sweets, trees from the down south
Please. You ain't even in my league, see loud mouth?
You just got roundhoused, double to the dome
Who'd known, what Uno could do with microphones
I'm a king without a throne, on a free-fall mission
Kamikaze pilot, flyin' in and ego-trippin like


(3rd Verse)

DJ Ganzobean on the cuts.


from It Is What It Is (full album), released December 18, 2012


all rights reserved



Orikal Uno Minneapolis, Minnesota

sin cities | 3.17.23

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