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Written by Antonio Rosario
Performed by Orikal Uno

I guess this is goodbye...
for a second time, put on my armor, shed my pride
numb, memories on cruise control and i'ma let em ride
this garden we were growing has succumbed to all the pesticides
forced to let you go, once again, failed the test of pride
...how the fuck am I supposed to act like i'm okay?
when you've been on my mind, and i'm reminded of you all day=
=I Guess i'm just an addict to the rhythm of your heartbeat
you fed me to the sharks now i'm a victim to their sharp teeth
ugh. left digusted, by the person that I trusted
so loveless, discarded to the garbage just like "fuck it"
...Now i'm a zombie motionless without direction
Plottin' jumpin' off a bridge into a busy intersection
Yea. It's fuckin pitiful, I know it too
Holdin' onto sanity the way that I'd hold onto you
...The wind chill is bitter when you're not around
Deep in this depression, only option is to drown...

no one can hear me scream as i'm drowning...
reaching for your hand, but your hand hasn't found me
crying out for help, but i'm drowning...
all alone, doubting anybody knows i'm drowning...

your scent lingers in the dreams that I see you in
your love is the only life vest that I'm believin' it...
The speed of the currents rapidly increase with every second
fightin', tryin' to swim and breathe but forced to hold my breath in
a spirit in this ghost town, a voice that speaks with no sound
hurricanes, tornados, and a love that's prone to blow down...
When the storm's over, I'll pick up all the pieces
Whatever that remains, I'll just have to find my peace with
Sleepless, my life raft is lost at sea
Broke my last paddle tryin' to battle demons off of me
honestly, I'll accept the blame and every bitter word
love and lose, let it burn, cemented shoes, live and learn
making my descention into an ocean that is endless
aimed the cannon, let it blast into the center of our friend-ship
...the wind chill is bitter when you're not around
deep in this obsession, only option is to drown...


capsized... sinking slow to the ocean's floor
love or hate, i guess that I don't know no more
capsized... sinking slow to the ocean's floor
love or hate, i guess that I don't know more...
All I know is that my lungs are filling up with water
nightmares, of our innocent love killed and slaughtered
now i'm lost, just a lonesome soul beneath the stars
drowning slow, with a broken heart and bleeding scars


from It Is What It Is (full album), released December 18, 2012


all rights reserved



Orikal Uno Minneapolis, Minnesota

twin cities, minnesota

besides words, i also produce beats. credits include "The Awful Truth" by Musab & Abstract Rude, "Covid" and "38th and Floyd" by Muja Messiah, Vinny Crook$ "Just A Northside Kid", TruthMaze "The Holy Vible" & the self-titled OnePlusOne 12" vinyl. ... more

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