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Written by Antonio Rosario
Performed by Orikal Uno

...Storms form, rain falls upon Saint Paul
late calls, and stomach pains from draining out my strained faults
out, for the moment, floatin' up amongst these strange clouds
the voices in my head, must equate to how deranged sounds
...Nothin' more, than a puzzle at a budget store
A stalker that's psychotically hunting for an "I love you more"
drunk and bored, talking mad shit to strike a fucking chord
i'm nothing more, than a mental Lord, with a hunting sword
Divinity's my fuck buddy, she's dirtier than Drug Money
She only wants my body but never wants any love from me
Ugh... So I treat her like a prostitute
And leave my handprints on her curves, if she doesn't got my loot
...Sick and twisted, sadistically i'm inflicted
contradictions and ambitions, conflictin' with my existance
What is this? -- Just another cry for some sympathy?
Or just a drug dealer, supplyin "high" to the symphony.

Pluckin' heart strings, with an angel's feather...
...Singin' swan songs in tornado weather...
Pluckin' heart strings in the key of misery
Conducting all the pain and let it bleed it out thru the symphony

No love, only hatred, and slow pub
No love, feelin' trapped in Minnesota...
Hardly concious when I'm on my party nonsense
Puertoriqueno', known to keep Bacardi "OnDek"
Dream traveller, explorer of the outer realm
Every day I wake up, and feel like it's just not as real
lucid, controllin' all of my surroundings
my head keeps pounding, and I don't like how it's sounding
Thunderclouds, split a swisher, rollin' somethin' loud
Up and down, elevator weight about to crush the ground
So high, in the sky, that I can touch the clouds
More pride, in my stride, struttin' somethin' proud
Injections to the gut, insulin mixin' with blood
i'm a mutt, disrespectin' motherfuckers just because
What is this? -- Just another cry for some sympathy?
or sellin E, supplyin "high" to the symphony.

(beat rides for 8 bars)
Yea, live discreetly through my nightmares
Emergency at sea, but too fucked up to light flares
Yea, i'm at a dead end on this psycho-path
every streets a one way, i've been drinkin' and I might go crash
...a good guy with a DWI
productive in the day, causin' trouble in the night
What is this? -- Just A cry for some sympathy?
Or a deaf conductor feelin' lost without his symphony...


from It Is What It Is (full album), released December 18, 2012


all rights reserved



Orikal Uno Minneapolis, Minnesota

sin cities | 3.17.23

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