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Short Circuit Circus

from It Is What It Is (full album) by Orikal Uno



"Short Circuit Circus"
Written by Antonio Rosario
Performed by Orikal Uno
Written and recorded in 2010 in "The Addict", St. Paul MN.

Please excuse me as I lose all my stability
Let loose all the hostility, that builds in me
Without even knowing what's going, just hopin' for somethin tranquil
hands behind my back but i'm holding on, wishin' for a bottle of painpills
cuz this pain kills, and it won't stop
weighin' me down a whole lot
makin' my brain break fast like shattered glass
made up of old thoughts
my own thoughts, are my roadblock, but i'm rollin' up in a monster truck
always at war with myself which means no matter what, i'm out of luck
clinically depressed, medicine is weed and sex
simultaneously indulging until I need a breath
I'm a self professed psychopathic
mental health is stressed, hyper-active is the madness
I've had it, everything about this world is stupid
Givin' it all I got for nothin, wonderin' why I do it
Excuse me, I'm about to lose my fuckin' mind
and I don't think i'm gonna find it this time...

So is it worth it? To be perfect?
When life is nothing less than a circus?
Or is it worthless? No purpose?
Just another day in the circus...

Clowns, surround me
With their facepaint frowning, spreading hate and fake offerings
There's nobody left that I can trust, sinking in paranoia
Destroying the noise, deploy a decoy to come annoy ya
Sometimes I wanna drop off the wounded face of this planet
Taking advantage of life and i'm truly grateful I have it
But this is madness, interwoven sadly with sadness
Snappin' off, what the FUCK just happened? after,
punished for my actions, have you...
...Seen my happiness? Cuz I can't seem to find it
To top it off my high blood sugar got me feelin' blinded
High as high could ever go, livin' fast and never slow
After the cash and not the overdose, committed to stackin' the dough
but uh, I'm so broke, I'm so broke
and I got a jagged piece of my being right to your throat!
Excuse me... I'm bout to lose my fucking mind
and I don't think i'm gonna find it this time!


LOST CAUSE! I don't think I'll find my way back
The same place that I went and lost my faith at
The straight fact, I'm stuck and I don't really wanna face that
On the plot to drop and make stacks, got some bills that I gotta pay back!
Sometimes it's hard to find the words
When I'm stuck without a magnifying glass to find my worth
I'm the worse, type of liar cuz I'm actually good man
Ask me how i'm doing, and i'll say that i'm good man
Demented, in all dimensions, in all directions
Pouring out some gas up on some friendships that I won't mention
Wreckless, definition my current position
Livin' minutes that i'm given to the limit, YES I'm in it
Deminished in the foggy gray tint of the blunt smoke
Exhaling bullets and some gun smoke
Excuse me, I'm bout to lose my fucking mind
and I don't think i'm gonna find it this time!



from It Is What It Is (full album), released December 18, 2012


all rights reserved



Orikal Uno Minneapolis, Minnesota

sin cities | 3.17.23

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