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Same Rearranged

from It Is What It Is (full album) by Orikal Uno



It's quite simple, I might go quite psycho
Ignite a mic or write my life in any night cycle
Fuck a title, yo my book's missin' the cover
So i'm buried underground, where I'll never be discovered
In the cupboard is my bottle for not givin' a fuck
Spend more than I make's the motto for me livin' it up
Life's short, so I smile, with a blunt full of denial
Keep my bearings in this jungle where it's troubled and vile
I've been runnin' for miles, in a continuous loop
Between gettin' some loot, and gettin' ditched by my youth
heh, I find it crazy how fast the clock ticks
In a race towards the top, of mount "accomplished"
Borderline breakin out, let my demons out
to play, I keep them in a cage, they enjoy the rage
and pain, I'm strained, and that's sayin' the least
Sewed my soul to the treble, and the bass in the beat


It's all the same

It's quite simple, I might kill tight rhythms
Diabetes in my blood, so yup, ill-type spittin'
screws loose, like a ghoul roaming my city too juiced
with two new, cans of color in a fuckin' zoot suit
On a mission to be famous for all the wrong reasons
Turnin' early morning AMs, into some long evenins
Never lookin' back, stay ahead of the racers
Try to keep my balance on the edge of a razor
Precise like a laser when I'm nice with a verse
An old soul, on my 10 thousanth life on this earth
I'm cursed, that's how it seems way more often than not
Never lost in St. Paul, but often lost in my thoughts
I bleed color schemes, thru a can of paint
Still believin' in peace in this land of hate
Under the moonshine, sippin' Moonshine mixed with diet
Had a shitty fucking day, I suggest you don't try it


It's all the same...
Even when it's all rearranged...
Complicated obligations and some other shit
Patiently awaitin the day, to grace my mothership
Sippin' moonshine on the rocks
My heart beats to the rhythm of the digits on the clock



from It Is What It Is (full album), released December 18, 2012


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