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Rise and Grind

from It Is What It Is (full album) by Orikal Uno



Rise and Grind
Written by Antonio Rosario
Performed by Orikal Uno

It's time to,
Rise and Grind, the prize is mine
on the grind from sunrise to shine,
i'm surprised my eyes
are even open at the crack of dawn
fill a bowl of cereal like I would pack a bong
...ha, rejuvination duplicated by the double
stumble naked out of bed, with a head, filled with trouble
...red skies, and a mind filled with plots
kill a spot, with a parking lot with rhymes that I drop
I, never stop, until the day I'm no longer breathin'
schemin' of succeedin out of this low-income season
got experience like resumes hightlighting all the older days
When I never had the child support, or a loan to pay
the court orders say, whatever they feel
Defend my rights as a father to these Ally McBeals
Woke up with a clear mind, in need of a hug

Rise and Grind...
It's time to,
Rise and Grind, the skies are mine
on the grind from sunrise to shine

(Verse 2)
It's time ta,
Rise and grind, the prize is dope
Watchin' the sun rise high thru my kelidoscope
it's time to go, while it's still in single digits
...the day could creep by at any given minute
fuck a worm, the early bird gets absurd
fuck what you heard, the early bird paints a word
ain't concerned, about the competition while they're still sleepin'
I do more in a morning than they could do in an evenin'
Evolve while the earth revolves, spinnin' all around
Get reincarnated sonically and live within a sound
...early morning got me gettin' alert
takin' advantage of my time, as I live in this earth
meticulous work, ethic when protectin' my worth
i'm fresh from the dirt, bezerk whenever wreckin' a verse
woke up from a deep sleep, feelin' like a thousand stacks
while the earth keeps spinnin' cycles like a laundromat

Rise and Grind...


from It Is What It Is (full album), released December 18, 2012


all rights reserved