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Written by Antonio Rosario
Performed by Orikal Uno

What you rely on? some dough to keep the lights on?
some blow to keep your high on? some hope that you could ride on?
some love that you can sleep with? someone to share your secrets?
your regrets, and weaknesses, disrespect and evilness?
Oxygen and drugs, ingesting toxins for a buzz
just because, all too often, when i'm coughin' it's for fun
so it's rum, in my liver succumb to liquor and blunts
twistin' em up, sickly addicted to this livin' it up
Reliability's the meaning of life,
We're relyin' on the sun to come deliver us light
we're relyin on the gas we use to fill up the ride
and the motor in the hood for when you get in and drive
to survive, honestly, you'll rely on nine to five
and your salary decides on your casualty to life
relyin' on these devices are gonna fuck us up
relyin' on my heart to keep on pumpin' all this fuckin blood

What you rely on?
What you rely on?
We're all slaves to reliability
I'm relyin' on my life and every breath that I can breathe

The dirt needs rain, but who the fuck needs snow?
Yea the hurt feeds pain, and true love needs hope
We rely on the hunt, for the funds that we gain
and rely on our lungs like there's a gun to the brain
Depending on some insulin to keep me in my range
Pretending that i'm kickin' it and free but kept within a cage
doctors in the hospitals, responsible
for conquerin' the obstacles of life or death, your last breath
Relyin' on a president to lead a whole nation
When that nation's combination is a stirring pot of races
Relyin' on your job, to revive whatever dream
to provide your self esteem, with the nutrients it needs
We rely on our feet, to move our bodies to the beat
and can rely, on the police to stop me in the streets
rely on caffiene to get the energy I need
got a date with destiny to get the pleasure that I fiend


We need skin, and the thicker the better
put my all into the stamps, that deliver my letters
instant vendettas, embedded within this shredded umbrella
that i'm relyin' to keep me dry, underneath this bleeding sky
Relyin' on an advil, Iboprofin capsules
For the morning after, for the hangover I'll battle
Relyin' on this food to keep my body okay
Relyin' on my youth to drink to bacardi all day
If you don't got a car, then you're ridin' on a bus
If you're travellin' by air, then you're flying on some trust
Weedheads rely on buds, alcoholics on the buzz
graff writers on their ups, gamers on the level ups
a human being, putting ink in your skin
relyin' on my mind, on what I think, and I live
Some rely on God, to forgive them if they're wrong
I rely on my songs to keep me living when i'm gone...


from It Is What It Is (full album), released December 18, 2012


all rights reserved



Orikal Uno Minneapolis, Minnesota

sin cities | 3.17.23

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