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MOVE (produced by Orikal Uno)

by Orikal Uno



one night, i went out to a show here in minneapolis at a venue once called the nomad world pub. it was a dope show, clear soul forces headlined and we got to cipher outside and all of that.

after the show, it was about 3am and i was full of energy (and booze). i got home and told myself "i'm just going to play around with a beat, if i hit a wall, i'll go to bed"

so i made this beat for move within about a half an hour. it was dope. i was vibing.

still full of energy, i told myself "well, i'm going to try writing something and if i hit a wall, i'll go to bed"

well, i wound up writing the entire song within about another half an hour.

still full of energy, i told myself "well, i'll try to record this - if i hit a wall, bed"

wound up recording the entire song.

finally, STILL full of energy, a fresh set of birds outside singing a new morning song and probably another drink, i told myself "i'm going to have fun with this mix and if it hits a wall, bed"

that's when i finished this song.

this was in 2019. 3 years ago. i've held on to this song since then, and it stood the test of time for me. whenever this track comes on, i never skip it.

now i'm sharing it with the world. enjoy.


released April 7, 2022
everything done by Orikal Uno. everything.


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