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"Lonesome Road"
Written by Antonio Rosario
Performed by Orikal Uno

I wondered what it would be like
if I were to jump up and grab the mic
If I were to capture the crowd
and make it a magical type of night
with a life rapidly changin' on site
hopin' that everything is alright
hopin' that everything is okay
with the way that I stay livin' my life
but i'll never be gettin' it right
smokin' and drinkin, I sit and write
provokin' the feelins I keep inside
no hope for the rest that I need, when I can't sleep at night
peekin' up outta my window, i'm watchin' the sun creep outta the skies
deep in heavenly memories, all the time that passed me by
never forgiven but gotta keep livin
it's been like that since the very beginnin'
committed to betterin' life that i'm dealin' with
grinnin', is how I try to conceal it
wakin' up, open my eyes, to a world that's filled with demons and lies
pushin' the button down on my bic, the smoke is keepin' me high
wonderin' what it would be like
if I were to jump up and grab the mic
makin' my syllables travel
without a battle, rappin' tight
Don't really got nothin' to lose
steady grindin', payin' my dues
thinkin' of somethin' of relevance
that I could I say to you

The time goes slow
All I got is myself on this lonesome road
and I don't know where to go
slowly losin' hope on this lonesome road...

I wondered what it would be like
to have a happier type of life
instead I sit and I fight with myself
about what I could've done right
So i'm pourin' another one, hopin' the sun will come
out, to get rid of the troublesome
clouds, cuz the storm is thunderin' loud
as I walk this route
Another injection of insulin sinkin' into my skin has me fucked up
My body's a skeleton, weights disappearin, i'm tryin' to get my luck up
Always had it rough, never had enough
Growin' up, didn't see my Dad that much
All I had was my passion for my raps
artistic type of vandal stuff
I wondered what it would be like
To have a little bit of money
security, it's funny
cuz there's no such thing as too secure
And i'm rappin' like there's no such thing as too sincere
Solo on this lonesome road, I'm bout to fuckin' lose it here
I've pondered life, and shed the truest tears
So when I die, to proove i'm here, i leave my music as a souvenier
the way the wind blows is so wholesome
goin' it alone on this road that's so lonesome


from It Is What It Is (full album), released December 18, 2012


all rights reserved