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Written by Antonio Rosario
Performed by Orikal Uno

Stand still, lookin' back at what I stood in
Great victory, yea I'm all about a "Goodwin"
I'm in the hood still, thinkin' haters should chill
Fake, ballin' muthafuckers tearin up a goodwill
I'm lookin' good still, blessed with some good skill
Livin' life in ecstacy without the need for a pill
Fa, real, all my life yo i've been runnin' up hill
Gotta keep on breathin' while there's air in my lungs still
The snare, and the drums fill, awareness to dope flows
Comin' from this kid in St. Paul that y'all don't know
Always puttin' in work, never a no show
Always fast like a blur, even in slow-mo
Novice with a pro flow, yea i'm stuntin'
With wisdom of an elder with the age of a youngin'
Tryin' to do my best to make my nest and build
Take advantage of the chances that I get to chill

I'm just tryin to chill...

Stand still, lookin' forward towards the future
New words, new fiendin' for a new worth
Feelin' fresh, like I went through a new birth
When I make the colors of my outfit and my shoes work
Brushin' off negativity like dandruff
Breakin' off the metal when this life has me in handcuffs
Linkin logs, with the money make it stack up
Off the crowds, when I make a venue pack up
I'm not a drama major but I act up
Livin' every day, like this may, be the last one
Sippin' relaxation from the bottom of a glass cup
Ambition is my diesal and it's got me all gassed up
Bass bumpin' nice thru my Infinities
Rollin' with my windows down thru all these city streets
Show night, rock the spot and kill
After that, best believe that I just gots ta chill


Black shades, black hoodie and a fly girl
Flushin' moments down the toilet watchin' time swirl
Smilin' big with many reasons why
Bright lights on my shades so you can't see my eyes
Travel through the nights, with my cleanest Nikes
Grips named "Vice" couldn't even be this tight
I think i'm comin' off a little cocky
I'm just convinced that there ain't nothin that could ever stop me
I could down 8 drinks and still not come off sloppy
I'll be comin' thru your town if you wanna watch me
From the Mississippi River to the rockies
In the "O's" of your iPods, you can go ahead and dock me
Kickin' back with swishers and the skyline
C.Goody beats, rappin' what's on my mind
Shake the turbulance when it's flight time
When height climbs, I just chill, and then i'm fine.


Til then...
Orikal Uno, Chris Goodwin...


from It Is What It Is (full album), released December 18, 2012


all rights reserved



Orikal Uno Minneapolis, Minnesota

sin cities | 3.17.23

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